On Mean Tweets

UPDATE : I was driven to sign this – if I can be attacked without being a ‘terf’ or even a dedicated feminist – then I can’t imagine how intolerant public speaking must be - http://www.isupportthis.co.uk/

Quite a few blog entries go like this –

1. Trigger warning

2. Present feelings

3. Terrible anecdote from past.

4. Connect anecdote to present political position of someone you hate or support.

5. Closing remarks possibly involving your fears about speaking and/or boasts wrapped up in hypothetical threats from virtual enemies.

It’s not my thing – but I read them occasionally – and because I’ve an interest in the internecine trans-terf war – I happened to read some self-serving bilge from an activist called Stavvers (Zoe Stavri – apparently- IRL)… in it she justifies tweeting to the world that a rape victim had the mind of a rapist because of this (fairly open-minded as these things go) article in the press –


I’ve been a victim of sexual assault – but never accessed any resources for it – because I always accept everything and on I go – I have no idea what’s available or what would help me… But I assume it’s about the victim accessing the service and not the victims accessing each other – so I don’t understand why this is a debate – if a group session is going to descend into a sex/gender war it’s not going to help anyone. It needs to be taken on a case-by-case basis and handled with sensitivity and care.

Anyway – apart from misgivings about how responsible for each other victims can be expected to be – I have no problem with the idea that trans women are women… and I’m not worried about bathrooms, female-only colleges or my right to talk about how hellish periods are (it’s my truth)… but I did object to the ‘mind of a rapist’ tweet.

It’s wrong. It’s abusive.

So – since Stavvers tweets on these issues night and day – I tweeted my opinion – politely.

What I got back was one ok tweet – ‘here’s the thing though: I never “told her”. Everything I said is storified. Maybe read through.’

The tweets were public – as far as I’m concerned that’s ‘telling her’… and I saw all of the tweets and her blog entry – in context… but never mind… she’s entitled to her interpretation… I stick by mine.

The next tweet I got said this – ‘also well done for ignoring what I said qbout boundaries you fucking creep’. 

Because Stavvers is a survivor with boundaries – those boundaries being : never criticise her – where as I’m a fucking creep who can have anything tweeted at her.

She also made it impossible for me to RT the tweet – so I could tell people about it – but I couldn’t let them see it. This is a woman who has talked about being ‘gas lighted’.

The thing that really irks me though – is her relentless sympathy-seeking combined with her violent attacks on the ‘out-group’ – which in her case is anyone she can label a ‘terf’ or ‘creep’ (or whatever).

It’s hypocritical and destructive.

I’m blocked by her on twitter (obvs).

Her blog is here : https://stavvers.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/an-open-letter-to-rape-crisis-south-london-from-a-devastated-survivor/

‘Fifty Shades’ Sequel: Author E.L. James Demands Control Over Script (EXCLUSIVE)

Originally posted on Variety:

Now that “Fifty Shades of Grey” has become an international box office phenomenon, author E.L. James is seeking more control over the sequel by writing the script herself. Universal Pictures, which had been resistant to the idea, is currently discussing the potential move with James, who wrote the bestselling erotic trilogy about Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, Variety has learned.

Given the success of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which has so far grossed more than $300 million worldwide, the next logical step would be for the studio to announce the greenlight to its sequel, “Fifty Shades Darker.”

According to insiders, the delay in the production of “Fifty Shades Darker” is related to the fact that Universal execs and James are still arguing over details. Unlike most successful franchises, which aim to retain the team behind the first film, it appears that “Fifty Shades” will undergo a dramatic creative reshuffling in…

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F**king Games – The Couples

Terrence is nearly 50 and has gone from idealistic young campaigner for gay rights to cynical nightclub owner who exploits everyone around him – mostly out of a fear of being alone. He’s played by Robert Radcliffe.

Jonah has been his live-in boyfriend for 10 years – he puts up with Terrence’s vile behaviour because he has nothing left of his own – and – because he loves him. He’s played by Derek Banner.

Jude is an actor. He’s been seeing Terrence for over a year and wants him to leave Jonah – only he has a new boyfriend of his own – so it’s not going to be so easy. Jude is played by Kenny Burnham.

Danny is a 20 year old D.J., idealistic about love, but thinks the ‘gay community’ isn’t much of a community. He wants Jude to be in a monogamous relationship but Terrence has other ideas. Danny is played by Scott Canevy.

Come and see how it all works out!

More info here :


Get tickets here : http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1224520

F**king Games – Rehearsal Footage

Here’s a couple of clips of us trying to make a tiny clip to put on the internet… It’s shot in a pub – not our usual rehearsal venue… (we may have shocked a couple of the regulars – thank you to The Pandora). Tickets : http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1224520


Hale vs Harris, and the Breach of Online Ethics

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Originally posted on Alex Hurst:
[10/22: This post has been edited to include new information regarding Hale & Harris’s Twitter conversations, and the dissemination of Harris’s physical address. Many thanks to commenter Cheryl for the updates.] [10/24: This post was…

I’m directing a play


I’ve had flu and I’ve been busy tracing the history and development of every obscure social media flame war from the break-up of The Dusty Springfield Society to the TERF/TRANS apocalypse that’s currently burn booking the appositely named Brian Cox. One day I’ll turn all these tiny feuds into a giant family tree of flowering brickbats – but until then I’ll tell you about the play I’m directing for LGBT History Month Scotland.

Behold the bare details (I’m still slightly feverish) :


By Grae Cleugh

Govanhill Baths, 99 Calder Street G42 7RA

25th – 28th February 2015, 7.30pm

Tickets £10 from http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1224520


Terrance has been living with Jonah for 10 years. He’s having an affair with Jude, who wants him to leave Jonah. One evening Jude brings round his new boyfriend, Danny, and the game is set for jealousy, sexual betrayal and dark revelations. With some sexual scenes and sex references.

Come along and see it! Before I die.

Broadchurch Series 2!


UPDATE : we’re on episode 4 and it’s still managing to get absolutely every detail of human and professional behaviour wrong – which is kind of magnificent… Plus – I suspect if it was American I wouldn’t question its veracity – I’d simply suspend disbelief and go with the emotional torture of it all… This is our new world… Alan Plater* isn’t coming back… British Social Realism is dead. We may as well get used to it**. ***

I love it – but it’s dreadful – or at least it’s dreadful if you expect it to conform to some kind of shared reality – if we accept it’s set in a Wessex Twilight Zone – then it’s a work of genius.

The Stuff I Love

1. Olivia Colman – how can you not? She’s so real, and she cries!

2. David Tennant – he can overact and kill a scene but even then he’s still compelling.

3. The West Country Accents – the regions were wiped off the drama map sometime in the 1990s – it’s nice to see somewhere that isn’t London or ‘the North’ get a bit of local colour.

4. All the legal and professional stuff is wrong – witnesses hang out with lawyers, the police conduct interviews in fields… occasionally the wrongness will become part of the plot, or someone will mention it in a line of dialogue – but that’s a mistake – the show works best when it skips over the inaccuracies like they don’t exist.

5. Everything is wrong – grown men have secret meetings with adolescent boys to be ‘friends’, new mothers are out and about on the same day they give birth, police-officers unofficially conceal witnesses in cottages in order to unofficially investigate crimes they officially failed to solve, suspects lurk menacingly on hills, in fields, outside doors, all the main characters will turn up to the opening of a grave…

6. 3 Act Structure – this isn’t noticeable unless you’ve read one of the many, many books about the ‘Hollywood way of writing a script’. It’s got a stranglehold on the British drama market because without it they’d have to do ‘thinking’… and they would have to develop ‘taste’ – and ain’t nobody got time for that… The 3 Act Structure is a Hero’s Journey from his ordinary world through a huge conflict to the final resolution and along the way are standard scenes like ‘refusing the call to adventure’ or ‘a moment of defeat’ and Broadchurch has them all in exactly the right places. Which is hilarious.

7. MELODRAMA! – crying, screaming, shouting, waters breaking… it has the lot.

What I Don’t Like

1. Some of the acting isn’t up to the lousy dialogue (it’s not their fault – but it does take some of the fun out of it).

2. The Theme – series 1 laid on the ‘not all paedophiles are paedophiles’ preaching a bit thick – esp. as I wasn’t convinced the writer understood the issues properly… and I’ve no idea what series 2 is trying to say yet except ‘Maxine Carr was innocent… or wasn’t… or something…’

3. Series 1 had a  who-dun-it aspect that made tiny encounters significant… Series 2 has no definite direction except there’s a trial and another murder mystery that may or may not turn into a conventional who-dun-it… with incident piling on emotional agony to no known avail – the show risks becoming boring and too ludicrous to stick with.

* Alan Plater :  http://www.screenonline.org.uk/people/id/473028/

** yes – I know it died sometime in the mid-1990s – but it’s taken me a while to notice. I was too busy watching Big Brother on channel 4.

*** British Social Realism will now have an instant revival and I won’t notice until 2035.