Save The Ramshorn – Doomsday

The Save the Ramshorn Campaign has been getting a brilliant response. We’ve been out in the streets handing out leaftets and doing street theatre, we’ve been retweeted by many fabulous tweeps (our hashtag is #SaveTheRamshornTheatre), and our company is still going. Right now we’re staging a production of ‘Bold Girls’ by Rona Monroe (directed by Mags McNulty); the world’s greatest barman still reigns and my vodka supplies are plentiful… but this Friday (May 6th 2011) could be the absolute death of us.
The University is holding a meeting to accept, reject (or I suppose ask for a modification) of the proposal to shut us down.
The next few days are crucial. We need everyone who loves theatre and music, and the arts in general to bombard the University of Strathclyde with requests to keep us alive.
It’s as simple and as miraculous as that.
Please sign our petition :
And here’s a link to our Performance Protest :

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