10 Reasons I Don’t Hate Mrs Thatcher

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in new movie 'The Iron Lady'

1. I can’t be bothered.

2. She’s practically historical and I don’t hate historical figures – that would be weird. If you told me you hated Hitler & had all the emotional symptoms that go with it, I would think you were very old or had an imagination so hyper-active that you really should get a doctor to check it out.

3. I was a child in the 1980s – so I was having a great time, even if my Dad was an engineer & in a Union.

4. All bad things have benefits – like the plague ending feudalism.

5. Hating her so much stops all rational thought and analysis about her policies and the policies she opposed and swept aside, good, bad and undecided. I hate not being able to discuss something properly without ranting and bile.

6. Mrs Thatcher spent the whole of the 1980s telling Britain it was great and she would make it greater. The Labour Party spent the whole of the 1980s telling Britain that it was crap and Thatcherism would make it crapper – as a result no one could picture the country without her. She became like GMT – your life would revolve around voting for her, or yelling at her. Nothing else was done.

7. Hating the Tories has become such a socially acceptable bigotry that people who lead entirely Tory lifestyles will slag them off in that nasty over-confident blowhard way that always looks ugly no matter what its target is. It’s cheating. It’s being a bastard while pretending to be nice.

8. Thatcher-bashers always get sexist & classist sooner or later by calling her a bitch or a housewife or the daughter of a greengrocer.

9. She got voted in the same way every other damn Prime Minister got voted in – so stop acting like she burned down the Reichstag.

10. Hating her has made her a LEGEND. She’s going to be fictionalised over & over. Actresses will clamour to play her like they do for Cleopatra or Queen Victoria. A fairly mediocre politician with one bright idea that didn’t really work is going to assail my old age with films, tv shows, novels & every other bit of tat England can chuck at her. Hate has made her IMMORTAL and I’m sick of hearing her name.


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Don’t Hate Mrs Thatcher

  1. I have spent a very long time hating Thatcher – I have many reasons. But reading your piece makes me think that a new approach might be good for me. If I say she was a complete waste of time and not worth ranting over… but I think my mates at the golf club will still harangue me. I might try this. The point you might be missing is that many of us are driven to an emotion that we have no place to put, and Thatcher is a useful place. She was a… but her I go again. She was just pointless.

    1. I sort of understand – but monstering Mrs Thatcher has done nothing to stop free market capitalism. All it’s done is create a country where if you want to be loved you talk to the left and if you want to be successful you act to the right. A disastrous dichotomy and one The Labour Party is struggling to find an answer to.

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