Grooming Race Row!

Guardian Picture!

The Guardian once felt the need to tell its readers that members of the BNP were most likely to be called Karen or Paul, so if some of their hacks have to fall on their stats trying to prove that there’s no racial element in Asian men exploiting white girls in a recent spate of street grooming scandals – all I can say is – HA!

To the hacks – obviously for the rest of us this is terrible.

Weirdos to the left of us will be contorting themselves silly over prosecuting rapists, and cranks to the right of us are going to be gloating violently in public spaces… Worst of all an ‘issues’ melodrama might be looming… And the horror of a ‘Schools Drama’ may all ready be here.

Apparently there’s a police video about ASIAN SEX GANGS that tours schools. I don’t know if this didactic gem explicitly says ‘beware of older boyfriends who work in grim Balti dens with disgusting rough-casting they may be luring you into a sex ring with vodka and fags’ or if it shows young BME boys how easy it is to confuse ‘common girls lurking about desperate for any scrap of attention with an easy lay for you and all your Uncles when your Mum’s not looking’, but it’s probably as magnificent as the 80s classic that urged us members of the Aryan Master Race to fight our inbred Imperial urge to wear green bomber jackets and throw tiny brown children from railway bridges while drapped in the Union Jack.

Why anyone thinks linking things you have no control over (like skin colour) with things you’re attached to (like a National Flag) with bad actions you can’t easily stop ‘your kind’ from committing (like rape) with scary things you’ll want to protect yourself from (like violence) is going to promote social harmony, I don’t know. It’s the Christ Killer pattern. The story you use to stigmatize a group when you want them to bear all the negative attributes we can’t bear in ourselves. At best it reminds you why being in the same territory isn’t working out. We’ll get shamed in Schools Dramas, they’ll spend everyday expecting to be lynched.

Aspirational go-getters will pay no mind – but in the clapped-out economic hinterlands barriers stay up, folklore abounds, paid professionals re-enforce what we want to eradicate, headlines cause panic, political opportunists stir resentment and lost souls torture themselves and each other for something to do.

Daily Mail Picture!

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