Kate O’Mara!

Kate in Murder on the Nile

Kate O’Mara is a National Treasure of a Certain Age currently touring the country in ‘Murder On The Nile’ by Agatha Christie, a fabulously strange mash-up of murder mystery, spiritual problem play and an 80s-style sitcom – like ‘Duty Free’ set in 1930s Egypt.

Most of the cast of Murder on the Nile

Kate is mainly known for trashy and geeky television roles – she’s been in ‘Dynasty’, was the Rani in ‘Doctor Who’, and the evil villainess Laura Wilde in ‘Howard’s Way’. She made a haulage firm sexy in ‘The Brothers’ and a channel ferry sexy in ‘Triangle’, and made the already sexy Lesbian Vampire genre even more sexy in Hammer’s ‘The Vampire Lovers’.

The Vampire Lovers : Ingrid Pitt, Madeline Smith, Kate, Pippa Steel & Kristen Lindholm

She tended to play sexy schemers because she was beautiful, intelligent and most of all, had the camp sense of humour essential for all glamour girls who want to work after the age of 28.

Wearing Nolan Miller in Dynasty

It’s a shame that she hasn’t had that one great role that would make her as famous as Elizabeth Taylor or Joan Collins – she certainly deserved it – it’s a measure of her charisma that she’s a ‘Name’ regardless of the guest spots and forgotten serials that make up most of her C.V.

There is only one Kate O’Mara.


One thought on “Kate O’Mara!

  1. Kate O’ Mara Is A Beautiful Lady In This Picture On WordPress.com And She
    Is Most Famous Actress I Ever Seen And I Liked Her And Regardless Of Kat
    e’s Performance And Fame And Without Interest And Opinions Of Allen Wan
    g In Whom He Is Still A Non-Fan But Likes Kate Because She’s Attractive W
    oman And A Lover Of Pretty Girls And Young Ladies! Thank You!

    PS Kate O’ Mara Is A Good Actress And A Great Entertainer And A Big
    Thumbs Up For Her Roles And Characters In Kate’s Life As An Actr
    ess And A Pretty Good Job!

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