I wish I could find this film on DVD! :



Director: Walerian Borowczyk

92 min


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists

France, the 13th century. Blanche is the young second wife of a much older baron. Nicolas, the baron’s son returns from fighting in Egypt. He is secretly in love with his stepmother. The King and his page, Bartolomeo, visit the secluded estate. Observed by Nicolas, the philandering Bartolomeo instantly tries to seduce Blanche but she rejects his advances. Because of his own lust for Blanche, The King informs the Master that Bartolomeo was pursuing Blanche, invoking the Master’s temper. Blanche confides in the King about Bartolomeo’s pursuit, and he promises to punish his page but instead he seeks to exploit this.

The Master believes his wife’s innocence and asks Nicolas to duel with Bartolomeo to defend Blanche’s honour. Bartolomeo has the chance to kill Nicolas but declines, realising that they both love the…

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