Xmas Book Haul!


As it turned out everyone who was buying me a present bought me a book (apart from the hairdryer… and a lindt bell).

So I have these to read for the next few weeks :

James Herbert, The Magic Cottage – horror!

Stella Gibbons, Christmas At Cold Comfort Farm – cosy/funny 1930s short stories

P.G. Wodehouse, Ice In The Bedroom – comedy theft

Joanne Harris, A Cat, a Hat and a Piece of String – short stories in mixed genres

Salley Vickers, The Cleaner of Chartres – mysterious past type thing

John Wyndham, The Kraken Wakes – sci-fi sea-monsters

P.D. James, Death Comes To Pemberley – Pride and Prejudice with Murders (sadly – a duplication – but I’ll read it again to review it)

Alan Bradley, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows – murder in the 1950s

Alan Garner, Boneland – fantasy

Adam Roberts, Jack Glass – sci-fi murder mystery

Jenni Fagan, The Panopticon – bohemian/literary/sci-fi-ish  (another duplication – but ditto).

I was also lucky enough to get The Lady of Shallot, the complete poems of William Empson and a non-fiction book on the rise of the Gentry.

But since I’m up to the eyeballs in novels – I’m going to try and post some reviews. Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2013.



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