I Love Miley Cyrus

lesbians everywhere were furious at the cultural appropriation of short hair....
lesbians everywhere were furious at the cultural appropriation of short hair….

Update : It really was the size of Amazon Ashley that prompted this weird ‘cultural appropriation’ backlash… Apparently white women pick ‘fat ugly black women’ to dance next to so they keep their beauty supremacy… They need their eyeballs fixed… The ugliest thing on that stage was Robin Thicke’s Beetlejuice suit.  

Update Update : Now it’s ‘pop performers have a history of using black women as dancers because they have a looser sexuality’… No examples are given – because it’s not true – pop has a history of using dancers because kids dance to pop music.   

Update Update Update : Now it’s reduced to ‘un-lived experience’, ‘hipster-racism’, and black music and dance being ‘abject’… Speak for yourselves journalists – most kids love Hip-Hop… and it’s no different to living in the suburbs and wishing you were Motley Crue… No one lived like Motley Crue!

I never thought I’d write that…

But the #VMAs were dull and boring and then on came a ridiculous twerking chipmunk dressed in a teddy-bear leotard and I had a great time laughing myself off my sofa… That’s the spirit of pop! Youths being foolish in public.

And everyone else loved it too – although some of them took the traditional route of pretending they hated it… For the usual – she’s trying to be sexy & she’s NOT SEXY!… Or she’s a rich Disney star trying to be hood hip-hop… But the worst – most disgusting – fake hate – came from a Huffington Post hack (echoed by a copy-cat on The Guardian) trying to make Miley into a racist user of black women as props.

Their evidence was that Miley twerked her own arse (dance moves have to stay in the community they started in apparently – which means you’re a Latino-hating scumbag every time you dance the tango – & anyone who does the slut drop outside of Newcastle should be jailed for a hate crime) and shared the stage with 3 black dancers (who were fully clothed and wearing teddy bears on their backs) and a black burlesque dancer whose bum she pretended to shake her face in…  That made it a minstrel show.

The 3 black dancers were the Baker Girls and they were there with Robin Thicke and 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar (the white guy in the Beetlejuice suit and the 2 black rappers that Miley was singing with – who have been left out of this Minstrel narrative – Miley twerking a white guy has drifted off into a story about Miley sexually assaulting a married man – a married man who really did shamelessly use women as sexual props in his Blurred Lines video)… and the burlesque dancer was Amazon Ashley who featured in Miley’s video for  We Can’t Stop… along with people dressed as teddy-bears (another part of her performance left out of the Minstrel narrative)… Amazon Ashley appears to have offended people by being tall and fat… Miley using her as a prop was just a cover for their own disgust at her size… The Baker Girls weren’t being sexy they were being ‘strong’… the deliberately sexy dancers came on with the rappers (they’re not included in the Minstrel narrative – Miley’s constant tongue-sticking-out has also been ignored – it’s part of a ‘she stole it from Kiss /was she on drugs? /stop it now’ hoo-ha).

The reason the Minstrel narrative annoys me so much is that it’s trying to create a cultural apartheid while pretending to be against racism. It’s putting black performers down – it demands that they have no cultural power so crap journalists can rage on their behalf. It’s trying to get black performers out of the mainstream…  And it was prompted by a loathing of female sexuality – the Minstrel narrative wasn’t thrown at Madonna or Katy Perry for wearing grills… It wasn’t thrown at Justin Timberlake for spending his whole career singing and dancing like The Jacksons… It was thrown at Miley because a skinny arse and a fat arse dared to be seen on a stage… not behaving like ‘ladies’… not keeping themselves under control…

Those hacks are more shameless, racist and sexist than Miley will ever be.


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