NuttyMadam3575: I enjoy the attention my Twilight videos have brought me

Fans Find Fame… I love the new and weird communities and opportunities that the internet is creating.


Twilight fan Emma Clark, better known as Nuttymadam3575, has made YouTube videos that include How Could You Do This Kristen?! which has had more than 2.3m views – she talks to Metro about internet fame, the end of Twilight and meeting
Robert Pattinson.

Why did you start doing YouTube videos?

I started about four years ago. I’d never got into a book as much as I did with Twilight, so I went online and found a huge community of fans. It was amazing so many people cared and I wanted to be part of it. I found out they were making a film so I put together some photographs of the characters with music. The first video was the most basic, cheesy thing. I didn’t even realise I had video editing software on my computer.

Does it make you feel part of the fan community now?

Absolutely. As people watched…

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