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I’ve been doing P.R. again! I’m still not sure about the social media etiquette of it all – I learned the trade in 1990s before it existed – so I’m going to whack the full and proper press release for Hyperion on my blog (with some contact details changed) … mainly because it’s a brilliant show – everyone should see it – and cut & pasting content is a lazy girl’s delight!

Alexa bringing Romanian tops & Scottish trews together.
Alexa bringing Romanian tops & Scottish trews together.



Govanhill Theatre Group presents

Adapted from Luceafarul by Mihai Eminescu by Alexa Ispas
Govanhill Baths
99 Calder Street G42 7RA
24th – 28th June at 7.30pm
Tickets £8/£6 from

Romanian immigrant adapts poem for the stage to ease political tension
When Romanian-born Alexa Ispas came to Scotland in 2001 as a student, she fell in love with Scottish culture. Over a decade later, with UKIP on the rise, she felt it is time to introduce Scottish people to a Romanian gem through adapting Mihai Eminescu’s magical 19th century poem Luceafarul for the stage.

Luceafarul tells the love story between a beautiful young girl and the morning star. Hyperion, the title of the stage adaptation, uses hip-hop, movement, video projections, found objects, and comedy to bring the romance to life and make it relevant to a contemporary Scottish audience. The voice of God will be played by acclaimed performer and playwright Jo Clifford.

In writing and directing this stage adaptation, Alexa was motivated by her desire to bring Romanian and Scottish culture together in a positive way, reaching out to young Scots and easing the tensions caused by alarmist anti-migrant political rhetoric.

She says ‘Having lived in Scotland since 2001, I was disturbed by the recent explosive upsurge of scare-mongering among the media due to the UK’s granting of work rights to Romanian nationals. I thought of Eminescu’s magical poem, and decided that this is the time to introduce my Scottish friends to the beautiful gifts that Romanian culture has to offer the world.’

Alexa is a writer and theatre maker living in Glasgow. She is a published author, with her book ‘Psychology and Politics: A social identity perspective’ published by Routledge and drawing on Alexa’s PhD thesis and academic research background. Alexa was one of the artists selected to contribute to 3rd Ring Out, a science-based drama presented by Metis Arts at the Edinburgh Fringe, and had her writing exhibited as a Picture Window as part of Sonica.



Govanhill Baths was closed by Glasgow City Council in 2001, and after a strong local campaign, is now run by Govanhill Baths Community Trust. It is currently in redevelopment as a Wellbeing Centre and multi-purpose cultural venue. It has already played host to The National Theatre of Scotland, Scottish Opera and a version of Hamlet supported by the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages programme.


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