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UPDATE : The mods woke up and removed the comments below! 

I’ve been commenting on Comment Is Free… And it’s not… They censor us for annoying the sensibility of the mods… Sometimes you can get round it by re-phrasing your original comment using whatever rhetorical tricks you think this particular mod will respond too… But that takes stealth and planning and why should we? If it’s not hate speech, it’s not libel, and if it was prompted by the article or a discussion that evolved from the article – it shouldn’t be pounced on and silenced in a way that makes you think the paper has total contempt for its readers and likes to laugh at them for stupidly trying to engage with their above the line superiors… It’s not as if they spell better than us!!!

It’s become so prevalent – and so many of us have been unfairly burned – that it’s turned into a joke… Here’s a copy and paste sample of two comments that are clearly doomed – the word ‘mod’ is verboten.  :

if the Guardian believe in a free press and free speech then it should show it by extending what it demands to the CIF section.

Im not talking about letting every comment be published, but thoes that are not breaking any rule other than annoying a moderator.

But again this comment will be removed and for what ?

Talk about freedom of the press but you know and I do its only really the freedom to say what you would like to see and hear!

The moderators make a mockery of the very princaples the guardian claim to support.

Said by modssuck at 1.06 am on the 3rd of July 2014 – when the mod was probably asleep… and this cry in the dark by jackiscool at 11.47 pm on the 2nd of July 2014 :

The Guardian routinely uses moderation to shape the argument in its comment section in a way which suits the agenda of said article. This is increasingly the case lately. The best example which comes to mind is the CiF article in which a woman who claims to have been in some abused by the photographer Terry Richardson was so heavily moderated that even people who were raising concerns that she doesn’t even appear to have reported this to the police, or that people are innocent until proven guilty, we’re being deleted.

So basically. Don’t act like a bastion of free speech whilst manipulating free speech to suit an agenda.

There were lots of comments pointing out that non-violating comments were being removed – irony of ironies – under an article complaining about google censoring The Guardian. Some lasted a while but they all went in the end (obviously the mod came back from lunch, or dinner, or the loo) :

Behold the cheek of it here :








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