Street Harassment


There’s a new group called Anti-Street Harassment UK and it aims to stamp out the sexual harassment of women by men in public.

So I thought I’d list some of the things that have been said to me over the years :

I’d walk you (I was walking my dog)

Pig noises (I was fat)

F**k off back to Ireland (I’m not Irish & I wasn’t wearing anything that would remotely suggest I was)

What are you wearing, ya c**t (I think it was the pink tights)

Is she going to a wedding? (I was wearing a long white skirt & this was said with extreme anguish & confusion)

What the f**k are you wearing? Hates men of course. (I think it was the trousers & the bunnet)

‘Hey Sexy’ (he did not think I was sexy – I was wearing a cagoule). 

Come and talk to us. Why won’t you talk to us? Being fat must make her deaf. (I don’t want to talk to you!).


Only men should wear bunnets but you look cute. (The bunnet was a real issue) 

Wolf whistles. (this was before I was fat)

Why do you always wear that stupid hat?’ (said by the world’s most irritating teenage girl) 

‘They shouldn’t let them out’. (I had a temporary calf injury that made me hobble like I had cerebral palsy)

A Kilmarnock fan shouted ‘something completely incomprehensible’ at me, while pushing me, and got arrested.

A middle-aged man in a Pringle golf jumper ran around me yelling ‘Up the Ra! Up the Ra!’ 

A man grabbed my skirt, wouldn’t let go & was hit by a nun.

Are you Scots? I hate Scots’. (said by a rescue driver when our car broke down)

I hate the Scots. They hate us. Not like the Irish. The Irish love us’. (said by an idiot in a pub who thought I had an Irish accent) 

A middle-aged man in a park in York saw me wearing a West German shirt (like all neo-hippies in the 1990s) and said ‘That’s the German flag. I fought them. I’m going to kill you for that’ and chased me until I lost him.

A group of men who might have been Polish kept asking ‘do you have boyfriend’ and chased me down Buchanan Street. I had to hide in Borders (the old book shop).  

If I dredged my diaries I’d find a heap more. 


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