Feudal Times


UPDATE : yes – this entire post is just me being pouty because I DON’T RULE THE WORLD etc. 

I’ve been interested in a lot of news stories that pitch the mainstream media – seen to be the shield of the powerful… against the world of internet blogs and videos – seen to be a pit of cranks and trolls.

And it’s left me feeling demoralised.

We seem to live in a world where the rich and powerful are only ever punished when another rich and powerful person is out to get them… Where ordinary people can be driven to suicide by journalists but celebrities call the police over mean words on twitter… Where women are mistreated and its their abusers who get the sympathy… Where children go missing and it requires a government P.R. to work for their parents… Where horrendous things are written just to get clicks.

Truth is not being told to anyone… And I’m officially tuning out to write book reviews and bits and bobs on glorious fiction (for about a month anyway).



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