Reeva Steenkamp

UPDATE : I haven’t found anyone in the real world – male or female – who agrees with this… Journalism is turning into a weird world all of its own.

Male celebrities shouldn’t go to prison – according to Simon Jenkins.

Not just for hard-to-prove things like sexual assault and rape – but for murder.

Looking a bit sad… having a trial covered in the media… and your career being (only possibly) ruined – is enough.

Non-celebrity women can go through lives of torment and misery… they can live in fear and pain… they can lose their jobs, reputations, friends and family… they can be harassed on social media… made to flee their homes… called liars… slags… or simply ‘the dead girlfriend’ but that’s as nothing to the terrible horrors of sliding fame and public accusation.

Celebrity men should go free – while we work out why they feel entitled to commit crimes against people with less power. And we prevent future crimes by having absolutely no consequences for committing them.


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