Dapper No Laughs

Dapper laughs aka Daniel O'Reilly
Dapper laughs aka Daniel O’Reilly

Poor old Dapper Laughs (a comedian) has been done in by the might of a petition, an open letter by Judas jokers, the anti-rape culture movement and the press making a big deal out of an internet star unlucky enough (as it turns out) to get a show on ITV 2.

There’s no doubting he’s not very funny – but he’s got potential – and his basic joke – that a dating guru promises legit pulling advice that turns out to be useless unless you’re a psychopath – isn’t bad. His main problem is that his persona isn’t big enough. Without hard work he was never going to be anything more than a tasteless minor cult.

The fact that viewers and moralists hated him enough to campaign against him or that the media would deliberately misinterpret footage to attack him – isn’t a surprise… But the open letter by fellow comedians… That’s a shock… Because this mob victory over one of their number (albeit a crap one of their number) is a threat to them all… And it’s the weakest who will suffer the most… Big stars with big vehicles will trundle on no matter how sexist or racist they are **top gear**- but if the small-fry offend an intense enough pressure group – they’ll be mobbed out of the business.

And we can’t be sure that all mobs will share ‘our’ values or that future generations won’t see us (and it will be all of us – the past is a melting-pot) as narrow-minded bigots.

This is very good advice (but Nathaniel – how could you sign the open letter?) :



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