Nice Guy Eddie


Channel 4 are showing a documentary about ‘virtuous paedophiles’… Men who are attracted to children but out of the goodness of their hearts don’t do anything about it… These men want your attention and sympathy so they can ‘get help’ for their ‘urges’… A specialist programme for potential sex offenders might be a good idea – although I assume there are psychiatrists who could deal with this problem… but the one thing we shouldn’t do is give in to their demands for sympathy… The implied threat of ‘if you belittle me or make me feel bad I will hurt you’ is a power move. It’s domineering. It’s a form of emotional abuse. It’s grooming… It may even be a lie… like pretending to have cancer so you get money or praise… It’s fatal to get in a pattern of rewarding someone for not committing crimes they claim to want to commit… they get addicted to being the ‘hero’ and we’re the nanny-sidekick forever enabling not only their grotesque sexual fantasies but their sense of martyrdom and entitlement.


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