No words…


I was going to write about Ken Morley’s* outmoded ideas about sexual assault – he thinks women bring it on themselves by being alone with men and by being visible – but it turns out that a huge chuck of our society is firmly Je Suis Ken.

In the Celebrity Big Brother house Chloe Goodman (glamour model) was sexually assaulted by Jeremy Jackson (former Baywatch actor) in a bathroom. She was in the bathroom because he was throwing up and she was concerned. She entered the room with others and was left alone because they left… she didn’t request it… Jeremy admitted he thought she was flirting and he had a sexual motive… HE ADMITTED IT.

But still Chloe is to blame.

  • She should not have gone in the bathroom.
  • She should not be wearing revealing clothing around men.
  • She should not object because she’s a glamour model.
  • She should not have reacted because Jeremy is damaged and made a mistake and is a powerful producer…
  • She was part of a female conspiracy to get the men booted out so she wouldn’t face the public vote.
  • Ken was only saying what all old men say.
  • She’s a slut, not a lady…
  • She was crying crocodile tears…
  • Being assaulted is only an opinion…

In this bizarre worldview – women are responsible for things that other people do to them and men aren’t even responsible for things they admit to.**

I’m beginning to believe that Women’s Lib was faked – like the moon landing.

*Ken is an actor most famous for playing Reg Holdsworth in the UK soap opera Coronation Street.

**Ken was chucked out the Big Brother house after repeating an anecdote in which he called up Frank Bruno (a boxer – who he likes) to tell him to turn down the negro music or however he phased it… to be fair I didn’t know negro had become an all-out racial slur… and clearly it was a joke acceptable in the past and was a true story… but in the context of the conversation – in which Keith Chegwin (a t.v. presenter) was discussing that playing loud music was a sign that Frank was having mental health issues – it was an unbelievable failure to pick up a social cue. 


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