I’m directing a play


I’ve had flu and I’ve been busy tracing the history and development of every obscure social media flame war from the break-up of The Dusty Springfield Society to the TERF/TRANS apocalypse that’s currently burn booking the appositely named Brian Cox. One day I’ll turn all these tiny feuds into a giant family tree of flowering brickbats – but until then I’ll tell you about the play I’m directing for LGBT History Month Scotland.

Behold the bare details (I’m still slightly feverish) :


By Grae Cleugh

Govanhill Baths, 99 Calder Street G42 7RA

25th – 28th February 2015, 7.30pm

Tickets £10 from http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1224520


Terrance has been living with Jonah for 10 years. He’s having an affair with Jude, who wants him to leave Jonah. One evening Jude brings round his new boyfriend, Danny, and the game is set for jealousy, sexual betrayal and dark revelations. With some sexual scenes and sex references.

Come along and see it! Before I die.


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