F**king Games – The Couples

Terrence is nearly 50 and has gone from idealistic young campaigner for gay rights to cynical nightclub owner who exploits everyone around him – mostly out of a fear of being alone. He’s played by Robert Radcliffe.

Jonah has been his live-in boyfriend for 10 years – he puts up with Terrence’s vile behaviour because he has nothing left of his own – and – because he loves him. He’s played by Derek Banner.

Jude is an actor. He’s been seeing Terrence for over a year and wants him to leave Jonah – only he has a new boyfriend of his own – so it’s not going to be so easy. Jude is played by Kenny Burnham.

Danny is a 20 year old D.J., idealistic about love, but thinks the ‘gay community’ isn’t much of a community. He wants Jude to be in a monogamous relationship but Terrence has other ideas. Danny is played by Scott Canevy.

Come and see how it all works out!

More info here :


Get tickets here : http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1224520


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