Katie Hopkins v. Simon Danczuk

katie-hopkins-8 How dreadful and annoying – I have Katie Hopkins –


within a hair of getting DONE & BANISHED from the media for LIFE – and I’m forced to conclude that it would be the wrong thing.


Katie has a terrible comedy routine and is nowhere near as smart as she thinks she is. She attacks the weak and simpers at the powerful… She’s the worst example of Muscular Institutionalised Middle-England I’ve ever seen… She’s like a demented attention-seeking child who occasionally pretends to be the grown-up voice of reason.

She’s vulnerable – she has a severe disability – she can only function if she’s thin and sporty – she failed in the military… but none of that can make her brand of hearty inhumanity bearable to anyone who isn’t a Suburban Hitler-lite.

Her latest – in a long long line of hellish tweets – explicitly links Pakistan – and all its people – with paedophilia… and accuses a UK M.P. of being inflammatory for flying its flag for half an hour over Rochdale (scene of a recent sex grooming scandal involving white girls and older mostly Pakistani men).

The M.P. – Simon Danczuk – has reported her to the police for inciting racial hatred and – although I don’t think anyone should be reported for anything that isn’t a direct violent threat – I wasn’t fussed. Now I think he’s done the wrong thing for two reasons –

1. she probably really is saying what a significant number of people think. Rather than shut it up and force it into the murk – it may be better to accept it and talk it through until a real understanding of why it’s racist to stereotype an entire group – wither that’s assuming all white girls are sluts – or assuming all Asian men are perverts – is reached.

2. She’s been reported to the police for tweeting faster than any of the men were reported to the police for raping and beating… That makes it look as if Rochdale’s first and only priority is to protect the reputation of its Pakistani origin voters rather than the bodies and lives of its children. And that impression will incite far more – deeper and longer lasting – racial hatred than Katie Hopkins and her crap insights.


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