Shrek the Musical – Review!

Gerald Carey as Lord Farquaad - a brilliant performance.
Gerald Carey as Lord Farquaad – a brilliant performance.

Finally I’ve caught up with the UK touring version of Shrek the Musical.

Overall I loved it – here are my musings divided into pros (shreks!) and cons (drecks!).


1. Lord Farquaad! Played by Gerard Carey he steals the show.

2. The Dragon! Fiona! Donkey! – the characters are still as wonderful as the film.

3. A great, funny, heart-warming, book (that’s the script).

4. Witty lyrics (that’s the songs).

5. Some decent tunes.

6. A proper plot.

7. A life affirming message using fairy-tale characters as a metaphor for being gay and/or Jewish while working in Showbiz which is a metaphor for being fat and/or suburban while sitting in the stalls.

8. Dancing! Singing! Puppets! – all round fabulous production values.


1. Diction – I couldn’t hear half of the words despite the ear splitting volume.

2. Shrek’s Scottish accent drifted down South for most of the show.

3. Expensive merchandise (the company’s fault) and expensive snacks (The King’s Theatre, Glasgow’s fault) – some parents must be missing a kidney to pay for all the ears/teddies/ice-cream their kids required.

4. Many of the songs were too long and boring for a children’s show, which meant many adults (me! me! me!) being stuck next to a squirming, sighing, munching monster for what felt like days at a time.

5. Bland, generic music.

6. Too much smut for a kid’s show. I disapprove!

7. It was too long – at least 2 songs could have easily been cut.

8. Not enough development of Shrek and Donkey’s relationship. It was pretty much taken as read.

But the Shreks! outweigh the Drecks! So if you haven’t seen it – I recommend it.


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