BBC4 are showing all of Top of the Pops 1981 and as this is the year my memory properly works for the first time – it’s going to be a joy.

In honour of that – here are 2 of my girl crushes of the early 80s.

Cleo Rocos!

Cleo was a teenage wannabe actress when she was plucked from background obscurity to be the saucy butt of D.J. Kenny Everett’s zany jokes on The Kenny Everett Television Show which started in 81… She would pop up and out to pout at random moments with big hair, bright lip-gloss and I’ll leave the rest to the picture – I absolutely adored her.


Jay Aston! 

Jay was one of the four singers in pop group Bucks Fizz – the others being two blonde blokes and your big sister. They won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981 to euphoria reminiscent of V-E Day and were virtually inescapable until 1984 when a serious tour bus crash left them unable to work for 6 months. By mid-1985 Jay had quit the band after having an affair with her manager’s husband and labeling the others bitchy. After that her career floats off and I have no idea what she did until she resurfaced in cheap Living TV reality shows in the Naughties.


From this we can conclude that tiny tot me loved glamour girls in trashy outfits from the pop world.



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