Creative Dream Incubator

In a world of doubt and dismay it’s good to have a bit of wishful thinking in your life… As long as you don’t get too fixated on outcomes that may or may not manifest – it gives you hope for the future and solace for the past.

Andrea Schroeder of The Creative Dream Incubator is one of my favourite suppliers of happy place woo-woo… Find her inspirational classes and videos here:

And below is my paraphrasing of her latest email… which pinged into my inbox & made me feel warm & fuzzy.


I think of magic as another word for truth. The truth is, you are literally made of magic: stardust and creativity and love and dreams. The truth is, you can do anything – this is what it means to be a creative being. Your dreams are the blueprints for what you are here on earth to create.


You are literally, truthfully, actually MADE of magic.

This is your radiant core self.

And allowing more of your radiant core self to shine through your daily self is a how you bring more of your magic into the world and into your life.

Breathe into your heart. What’s there?

You are FULL of power and possibility and the ability to make your dreams real.

You are made of magic: creativity and optimism and resilience and inspiration and trust and love.

Believe in the power of your magic – you are amazing!


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