Rurik Jutting: Murder Stories

I was trying to avoid news on my blog… but news is shaped like fiction and this story shows an ambivalence in the way we treat victim and perpetrator based on background.

Rurik Jutting is a white, British, privately educated investment banker who raped, tortured and killed two Indonesian women who were working as prostitutes in Hong Kong because they needed the money.

The BBC concentrates on his disorders, addictions, and his claim that he was sexually abused as a child by another child at his school.

The Mirror concentrates on his sexual sadism and the suffering of the victims.

The Guardian concentrates on the poverty & exploitation of the victims – but can’t bring itself to admit that they were prostitutes – because making all aspects of prostitution legal is now left-wing & feminist.

The Daily Mail thinks he’s a monster but is focused on contrasting his evil with his aspirational background.

Financial News covers the fate of his colleagues.

Hong Kong is interested in his work stress and the way he wanted to push the boundaries of submissive women…

& there have been protests against wealthy immigrant decadence and calls for justice.

& he himself – in rambling videos – admitted to being a racist, sexist, privileged man who felt excited by & entitled to – inflict pain on women… But he also knew he wouldn’t get away with it.

Myself – I find it impossible to care about the killer. I care that his victims had to go through such horrific ordeals. And the older I get, the more I would lock him away for life without a moment’s reflection.






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